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Below are videos that will help you further understand what CRE is all about. Some of the videos reflect our former name "WAIT Training" but they still accurately reflect what we do. Enjoy!


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About CRE


       Teens need and are looking for the guidance of their parents. They are trying to figure out life but without direction or help they can fall victim to pressures of the world.

The Race of Life

       A Commercial that shows how important the role of a parent is in the life of their teen who is pursued by all kinds of influences that try to stop them in the Race of Life.

Baby Carriage

       What can happen when parents get distracted and are no longer paying attention to what is happening in the lives of their children.

Colorado Healthy Marriage Project

       This is our federal grant funded program that is helping couples work toward building healthy relationships.

About The Center for Relationship Education


CRE Overview

       This will give you an overview of what we do and why we do it.

Helping Kids Stand Up to Peer Pressure 

       Center for Relationship Education, utilizing a community saturation approach with the Why Am I Tempted? (WAIT) Training Curriculum, has been able to have an amazing impact reducing teen pregnancy in Weld County saving the county millions of dollars.

Host a Training

       This will help you understand how you or your organization can host a training and how CRE will help you impact your community.

The Scope

       We are more than just one curriculum. We are about positive change across the country and the world.

Creating Social Change

       We want to society to change by creating strong healthy families on our communities by teaching them relationship skills.

The Strategy

       Joneen MacKenzie explains the strategy behind the curriculum WAIT Training and the importance of supporting teens as they navigate through relationships.

The Beginning

       Joneen McKenzie (founder of CRE) tells the story of how The Center for Relationship Education (formerly WAIT Training) came to be.

Why I Teach WAIT Training 

       Josh Sosa explains why he is passionate about teaching the WAIT Training Curriculum and some of the lessons he teaches.

Dr. Scott Stanley About WAIT Training

       Dr. Scott Stanley, founder of PREP and DU professor, talks about WAIT Training.

Be a Parent

       Shelly Donahue gives a personal example of how a parent can teach and prepare their teens for relationships.

Delaying Teen Sex

       We have seen success in helping teens delay sexual activity and teaching them the skills of building healthy, long lasting relationships.

What About the Sexually Active Teen?

       Why it's important to teach all teens, regardless of sexual history, about healthy relationships and delaying sexual activity.

Renewed Virginity (Etch-a-sketch)

       What does it mean to be a renewed virgin and how to teach students to start over. Also, the importance of giving students a model of virginity.

Show Them the Best

       It is important to show teens the examples of what we want instead of what we don't want.

The Power of Words

       Words have the power to hurt even after you have said "I am sorry".

The Best Sex

       Shelly Donahue gives an example about sex, using fireworks.


       It is important for teens to understand their personalities and how their strengths and weaknesses will work in a relationship.

Boys and Girls

       Shelly Donahue describes what boys and girls want and why.

Teaching the Positive

       Set the standard high and they will reach for it. Encourage them to reach for the best.

Millennial Generation

       What does the Millennial Generation believe?