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Purdue Finds Abstinence Program Positively Impacts Academics

A new study published in the American Journal of Health Studies shows that abstinence education was associated with a higher percentage of students who passes the Indiana math achievement exam. READ THE STUDY.

A WAIT Training Reduces Sexual Activity of Teens, Studies Show

The recent study of two programs using the WAIT Training curriculum have shown that it is having the intened impact of reducing teen sexual activity and, consequently, teen pregnancy. The studies have also shown that there is a sustained impact of the teens not just short term results. READ THE STUDIES.

AMA Journal Cites Success of Abstinence Education
Washington D.C- In the battle to discover what works to curb teen sexual activity, a study released today in the Archives Pediatric & Adolescence Medicine reports important, positive outcomes for high-risk, African-American, middle school students. To read more, click here

Commitment Matters
Commitment is the part of the relationship that provides safety and security, so couples can express their thoughts, feelings, and desires openly. Click here to learn more.